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Lee Harvey Oswald Scientist Girlfriend publishes new book after 30 years (Expat) in sweden


### Unraveling the Enigma: Judyth Vary Baker and the Alleged JFK Conspiracy

In an in-depth interview with Cary Harrison at Rethinking Heroes, Judyth Vary Baker, the former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, offers a controversial perspective on the JFK assassination, asserting Oswald's innocence and claiming he was framed. Baker, who has lived in exile due to threats, discusses her involvement in Cold War-era bioweapons research, her direct communication with Oswald days before the assassination, and the development of a cancer-causing monkey virus, SV40, that contaminated polio vaccines. She also touches upon her groundbreaking cancer research in the 1960s, the politicized nature of cancer treatment, and the suppression of her vaccine-related concerns. Baker's narrative weaves personal insights with historical events, challenging conventional narratives about Oswald's role, Kennedy's assassination, and the dark underbelly of U.S. government secrets related to bio-warfare and virus research.

#### A Relationship Born in Shadows

Judyth Vary Baker describes herself as the ex-girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man historically vilified as the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. However, Baker's assertions complicate the commonly accepted narrative. She depicts Oswald not as a murderer, but as a deep-cover U.S. intelligence agent framed for a crime he endeavored to prevent. Baker's account, detailed in her book "Lee Harvey Oswald and Me" draws from her personal experiences and intimate conversations with Oswald up until two days before the tragic event.

#### Espionage and Bioweapons: The Untold Story

The interview on "Rethinking Heroes" dives deep into Baker's claims of her involvement in Cold War bioweapons and virus research. According to her, this clandestine work was primarily focused on developing a biological weapon to be smuggled into Cuba with the aim of assassinating Fidel Castro, thus preventing potential nuclear escalation. Baker's narrative spans from her early days as a promising science student to becoming enmeshed in a web of espionage, detailed through her work with monkey viruses and SV40, a contaminant in polio vaccines linked to cancer.

Remarkably, Baker hints at a sinister thread connecting her past virus work to contemporary concerns, suggesting that remnants of these early viruses find parallels in modern vaccine development. These assertions, while controversial, point to a complex intertwining of health, policy, and secrecy that has spanned decades.

#### Confronting the Warren Commission

Baker challenges the findings of the Warren Commission, the official inquiry into Kennedy's assassination, which declared Oswald as the sole perpetrator. Through her narrative, she offers a counter-narrative, implicating high levels of government in a cabal responsible for Kennedy's death. This claim is bolstered by her intimate knowledge of Oswald's purported innocence and his alleged mission to prevent rather than execute the assassination.

#### Legacy and Censorship

Despite the potential implications of her story, Baker's voice has been marginalized, her claims subjected to skepticism and censorship. Yet, her resolve remains unshaken. Baker's history is not just a tale of personal survival; it's a commentary on the lengths to which institutions will go to preserve narratives and suppress dissenting voices. Her experiences underscore a troubling reality: the truth, especially when it pertains to matters of national security, is often more complex and obscured than it appears.

#### Reflections on a Dark Epoch

Judyth Vary Baker's account, as featured on "Rethinking Heroes," serves as a potent reminder of the murky waters of historical narrative. Her story, embodying the intersection of personal tragedy, global politics, and scientific ethics, invites us to reconsider the past with a critical eye. Whether one takes her claims at face value or with skepticism, they undeniably enrich the tapestry of American history, offering new dimensions to our understanding of one of its darkest epochs.

In the final analysis, Baker’s narrative, interwoven with scientific intrigue, personal loss, and political machinations, compels us to question the veracity of "official" histories. Her undying efforts to bring her story to light, against all odds, suggest a pursuit not just of vindication but of truth—a truth that, in her words, remains urgently relevant in our times.

The Untold Story: Judith Very Baker on Lee Harvey Oswald and Hidden Government Secrets

00:00 Opening Remarks and Introduction to Judith Very Baker
00:15 Unveiling the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
01:14 Exploring Virus Research and Global Health Threats
02:12 Judith's Exile and Revelations on COVID-19 Origins
09:00 Cancer Research Innovations and Big Pharma's Grip
15:41 The Dark Side of the U.S. Healthcare System
17:59 Diving Deep into the JFK Assassination and Government Secrets
23:01 Predictions and Warnings for Future Pandemics
24:52 Debunking Myths and Exploring Alternative Treatments
25:31 Viral Origins and Exotic Narratives
27:30 The Mysterious Death of Dr. Mary Sherman
28:44 Lee Harvey Oswald: The Man Behind the Myth
28:51 Introducing Kartra: The All-in-One Business Platform
32:12 A Deep Dive into Cold War Bioweapons and Virus Research
33:07 Judith Ferry Baker's Journey from Science to Espionage
39:01 The Passport Mystery: Unraveling Oswald's Secrets
42:00 Developing a Cancer Weapon: The Ultimate Assassination Tool
47:07 The Dark Legacy of Virus Research and Its Modern Implications
50:18 Closing Thoughts
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