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True Crime Hypocrisy: Moms for Liberty, School Politics, and Climate Change

Fake school parent groups funded by think tanks where three-ways and rape allegations are overlooked


This episode of Los Angeles Public Radio’s 'Rethinking Heroes' hosted by Cary Harrison delves into the controversial actions and background of Moms for Liberty, a group known for their stance against the LGBT community and book-banning while engaging in lesbian three-ways and rape allegations. Additionally, the episode discusses broader issues such as climate change denial, extremism in school boards, and the politicization of education in Florida. Featuring an in-depth interview with Dr. Maurice Cunningham, an expert on dark money, featured in Forbes. We explore the origins, motivations, and impact of right-wing “parent” groups on public education. Callers also chime-in on wealth, discrimination, geoengineering, and climate change, 'Rethinking Heroes' aims to shed light on pressing social and political issues through critical discussion and satire.

We dive into a discussion that's as fun as it is necessary. There's something even more exhilarating - unraveling the threads of truth in our society's fabric. Take education, for instance. Imagine a world where schools prioritize scholastics, real history, and science. Instead, what do we see? A ban on books, a censorship of critical content, and a bizarre obsession with keeping children away from harm's way without addressing root causes. It's ludicrous. But let's tread deeper into the waters of historical amnesia. In some places, slavery is brushed under the carpet, as if erasing it from textbooks could change history. My ancestors owned plantations, a fact documented in family diaries alongside visits from George Washington. Yet, acknowledging such truths becomes controversial. Why? Because it challenges a political narrative, disrupts the comfort of ignorance and allows for indifferent gerrymandering. Switch gears to the present. We live in an era where Huck Finn and David Sedaris are banned throughout the southeast, yet the real comedy is the attempt to sanitize history. Who'd have thought?

I've read so many books from from William F. Buckley Jr. to Chomsky to De Tocqueville - books that shaped a portion of my political understanding which seem lost in today's discourse. It's not just about reading; it's about understanding the pivotal role of critical thinking. In this landscape of absurdity, where “grooming” is equated to mere exposure to different American lifestyles, history's complexity is reduced to good versus evil.

Did the gay actor companions of Ronald Reagan alter his sexuality or beliefs? Of course not. He did marry the popular Nancy Reagan, Hollywood legend known for being able to "unbuckle her jaw". No amount of dinner parties with Truman Capote or Rock Hudson changed the Gipper’s appetites nor minimized the joys of her vaunted jaw.

It's a reminder that personal liberty and the complexities of the human condition demand respect, not censorship. As we navigate this terrain, remember that solutions exist, but they require courage and honesty - not just a willingness to turn a blind eye. It's about dismantling hypocrisy, not perpetuating it. And so, as we wax philosophical over brandy and cigars or yoga and green tea, let's commit to unearthing truth, promoting dialogue, and challenging the narratives that bind us. It's not just educational; it's essential to the fabric of our society. Let's make these conversations public, not just for entertainment, but for enlightenment.

00:00 Introduction to Rethinking Heroes
00:04 Unraveling the Controversy: Moms for Liberty Exposed
02:29 The Dark Side of School Boards and Climate Change Denial
03:25 The Hypocrisy of Moms for Liberty and Their Leadership
05:06 Morris Cunningham Sheds Light on Dark Money and School Privatization
06:18 The Rise of Moms for Liberty: A Far-Right Creation
07:05 The Dangerous Branding and Tactics of Moms for Liberty
15:24 Addressing the Extremist Designation and Its Implications
28:14 The Impact of Wealth and Privilege on Society's Perception
29:05 The Philosophy of Noblesse Oblige and Social Responsibility
30:02 Debating Work Ethic and Social Mobility
30:16 Confronting Prejudices and the Fear of Equality
31:32 The Middle Class Dream and Critique of Laziness
31:43 Addressing Crime and the Path to Success
32:38 Wealth, Noise, and Neighborhood Etiquette
34:54 Climate Change Debate and Geoengineering
36:23 The Reality of Climate Change and Its Impacts
01:14:47 Concluding Remarks on Wealth and Social Responsibility

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