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Ep. 53: True Crime Pt. 2 - False Sexting w/ Minor Lands L.A. in $40M Suit

How Hollywood Bites Back!


Rebuilding Reputations: A Hollywood Actor’s Legal Battle for Justice

You’ll remember a few months ago we broke the story about now-dismissed sexting charges from the LA DA’s office. In what reads like a screenplay full of twists and turns, Hollywood actor Joseph Gatt, renowned for his roles in 'Game of Thrones,' 'Thor,' and 'True Detective,' found himself at the heart of a legal whirlwind after being falsely accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Now, he has initiated a $40M lawsuit against Los Angeles County, DA George Gascón, among others, claiming his career was unjustly sabotaged by baseless allegations of communicating inappropriately with a minor - which was later dismissed. Gatt contends that sloppy investigative work led to a premature announcement of felony charges, which were later disproved by forensic analysis showing the evidence had been tampered with. The fallout from these accusations has had a catastrophic effect on his life, both professionally and personally, with Joseph Gatt estimating a loss of $40 million in potential earnings.

Joseph Gatt's fight to clear his name and rebuild his Hollywood career is a stark reminder of the complex interplay between law, media, and the people caught in their crosshairs – including his partner, Mercy Malick, and attorney, Dean Pamphilis. We share insights into the flaws in the criminal justice system, highlighting the importance of accountability and the need for systemic change to protect individuals from similar injustices.

00:00 Explosive Follow-Up: LA Actor's Legal Battle Against False Accusations
00:24 Special Home Buying Hotline: Turning Problems into Cash
01:26 Inside the Story: Joseph Gatt's Fight for Justice and Reputation
04:52 Legal Insights: The Battle for Accountability and Change
10:00 Rebuilding from the Ruins: Strategies for Public Figures Facing False Accusations
28:04 Riverside Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment
29:38 Closing Thoughts: Appreciation and Future Engagements

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