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[Full Video] Ep. #3: Torpedoed USS Liberty False-Flag Op?

Survivor Phil Tourney says his shipmates died because of a crooked government faction under President Lyndon Johnson in order to ramp up the Vietnam War.

Remembering the USS Liberty: A Story of Betrayal and Bravery

In the annals of history, there are countless stories of unsung heroes whose sacrifices have shaped the world we live in today. One such story revolves around the USS Liberty, an American auxiliary ship that was attacked by Israeli fighter jets off the coast of Egypt during the Vietnam War in 1967. This tragic event, shrouded in secrecy and conspiracy, has become a symbol of betrayal and bravery. Join us as we delve into the untold story of the USS Liberty and honor the courageous crew members who survived against all odds.

The USS Liberty: A Targeted Attack

On that fateful day in 1967, the USS Liberty found itself in the crosshairs of Israeli planes. Many questions arise - Why was an American ship fired upon by Israeli jets? And why did the Defense Department instruct the crew to stand down and not respond?

To shed light on this fateful incident, we are privileged to have Phil Turney, a surviving crew member of the USS Liberty, joining us. Phil shares his firsthand account and reveals a more sinister plot behind the attack. It becomes clear that the objective was to sink the USS Liberty and blame it on Egypt's President Nasser, potentially dragging the United States into a catastrophic war with the Soviet Union.

The Aftermath: Silence and Cover-Up

Despite surviving the attack, the crew of the USS Liberty faced a new threat - the government's orders to remain silent. Phil Turney recounts the years of silence imposed upon them, with the threat of prison or death hanging over those who dared to speak out. It was only after 18 years that Phil decided to break his silence, inspired by a shipmate who fearlessly began telling their story.

The Betrayal Within: Government Involvement

The government's role in the USS Liberty incident further deepens the sense of betrayal. As Phil shares, top officials like Robert McNamara, the head of the Defense Department at the time, ordered the crew to do nothing and deployed jets to defend themselves. This invitation to hostility points to a more significant agenda, orchestrated by their own government.

Implications and the Path to Truth

The repercussions of the USS Liberty attack cannot be ignored. It raises questions about the integrity of the government, the military, and the media. Phil Turney emphasizes the importance of uncovering the truth to save the country from its current downward trajectory. The cover-up, which persists even after more than five decades, reveals a disturbing pattern of deceit that continues to plague our nation.

Rethinking Heroes: Advocating for the Truth

At Rethinking Heroes, we strive to bring the stories of veterans like Phil Turney to the forefront. We stand firmly against whitewashing history and believe that every perspective deserves to be heard. Through our efforts, we aim to bring relief to veterans and shed light on the sacrifices they have made.

Looking Ahead: The Need for Transparency

As we conclude our conversation with Phil Turney, his message resonates with civilians and veterans alike. We must demand transparency and accountability from our government. The reticence of presidents, congressmen, and senators to initiate a genuine investigation only perpetuates the cycle of deceit. Sharing the truth about the USS Liberty incident can guide our nation away from its perilous path.


The untold story of the USS Liberty is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by our military personnel and the lengths to which some will go to silence the truth. We salute the brave crew members who survived the attack, and we honor their courage in speaking out. Let us remember their story and ensure that such betrayals never happen again.

Note: To learn more about this incident, we encourage you to watch the documentary "Sacrificing Liberty" available on YouTube.

Phil Tourney is one of a handful of surviving crewmembers of the USS Liberty which was attacked during the 6-Day war in 1967 by Israeli fighter jets, killing 34 with 174 wounded. Mr. Tourney is three-time president of the Liberty Veteran's Association. Apart from has written three books and co-authored another, his mission is to let the American people know what really happened the the crew of the USS Liberty during Vietnam. If they sank, as planned by US ally, Israel, WW3 would be minutes away. the surviving Phillip Tourney think Americans should know and deserve the truth. He says his shipmates died because of a crooked government faction under president Lyndon Johnson in order to ramp up the Vietnam war. Tourney says The truth is known by our government, covered up under lock and key.

The Unheard Tale of the USS Liberty: Interview with a Survivor

In this episode of 'Rethinking Heroes,' Cary Harrison interviews Phil Turney, a surviving crew member of the USS Liberty, an American auxiliary ship that was attacked by Israeli jets during the Vietnam War in 1967. The attack resulted in 34 deaths and 174 injuries out of a crew of 294. Phil shares his harrowing personal experience of the incident and exposes an alleged conspiracy to provoke the U.S. into a war with Nasser and the Soviet Union. The discussion uncovers claims of government cover-ups, threats to survivors, and the courage of crew members who risk their lives to uncover the truth. Phil attributes their survival to good leadership and divine intervention. He strongly urges the government to disclose the truth about the incident, alleging it could possibly rescue America from its currently deteriorating state.

00:00 Introduction to Rethinking Heroes

00:22 The Mysterious Attack on the USS Liberty

00:59 Interview with Phil Turney, a Survivor of the USS Liberty

02:28 The Truth Behind the Attack

03:59 The Threats and Cover-Up

04:55 Rethinking Heroes' Efforts to Support Veterans

05:36 The Continued Struggle to Speak Out

06:58 The Importance of Sharing Veterans' Stories

07:58 Surviving the Attack: A Firsthand Account

10:27 The Hope for Truth and Transparency

11:47 The Gulf of Tonkin Incident: Another Deception

16:00 The Role of Faith in Survival and Truth-Telling

16:56 Conclusion: The Importance of Telling the USS Liberty Story

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