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[Full Video] #45: True Crime - Online Celebrity Stalking

🎙️ What happens when you’re a celebrity and someone uses AI to falsely accuse you of sexual abuse – and the cops & DA decide to destroy your career....

Part. 1:

Unraveling the Perils of Digital Frauds for Celebrities & You: A Deep Dive into The Misleading Accusations Against LA Actor Joseph Gatt in This First Public Interview

The advent of digital technology has indeed revolutionized the way we live and communicate. However, it has given birth to issues such as fraudulent digital claims and cybercrimes, significantly impacting the lives and careers of prominent celebrities. Today, we’re sharing the harrowing cyber ordeal faced by Joseph Gatt, an acclaimed actor known for Thor, Star Trek, and an array of TV series and video games.

Los Angeles: Actor, Joseph Gatt

Grasping The Situation

Joseph Gatt's professional life came to an abrupt halt when he was falsely accused of an online interaction with a minor. The accusation, magnified by the international media, echoed his middle of the night, military-grade SWAT team arrest and the ensuing legal battle, causing severe job losses and reputational damage while disallowing any scope of defense through social media due to bail stipulations. All, on purpose.


The Role of False Accusations and Irresponsible Prosecution

Evidence against Joseph Gatt centered around photographs of text messages ostensibly exchanged between him and the female accuser. However, these text exchanges turned out to be wholecloth fabrications, created through easily accessible apps that allow users to generate fake interactions and manipulate social media interactions.

The investigation and subsequent prosecution by the DA (District Attorney) should have been transparent and competent, given the access to advanced forensic tools and resources, Second only to the FBI. However, Joseph's legal team revealed that the DA didn't use these resources and failed to detect the falsities of the evidence submitted.

The Counter Investigations and Justice

Jeff Fischbach, a trial strategist specializing in technology and crime-solving, was brought on to unravel the real issues. In-depth re-investigation led to 180 pages of glaring inconsistencies in the evidence against Mr. Gatt, finally proving that the accusations were anchored on falsified evidence.

Significant Misconduct

The case presented a disconcerting revelation about the questionable practices within the notorious Los Angeles law enforcement system. This includes the alleged submission of perjured statements, manipulative practices, and bypassing the 'presumption of innocence,' a tenet enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Accountability and The Need For Reformation

The dismal handling of Joe Gatt's case underlines the need for maintaining accountability and reform within our justice system. Moreover, it emphasizes the need to ensure a rightful mix of transparency and competence in all legal processes.

Consequences and Life Beyond the Case

The case signified a milestone in bringing the necessary attention to the impact of false digital claims on lives and careers. Unfortunately, it also exposed Gatt and his equally–talented partner, Mercy Malick, to two years of harassment, career stagnation, and personal hardships.


While justice has been served for Joseph Gatt and Mercy Malick, their story serves as a cautionary tale for all individuals, especially celebrities. It highlights the perils of digital manipulation and the potential career-destroying impact of such deceptions. It also calls for us to address the inefficiencies and injustices in our legal system, strongly advocating for reform and the upholding of the presumption of innocence.

Breaking Update: A few days after dropping their case, the Los Angeles DA's office requested from Mr. Fischbach, information allowing them to "see exactly where each image comes from", in order to expedite an official announcement from their office. It is Fischbach's contention, as he articulated in his Rethinking Heroes interview, that the evidence he used to prove the deliberate fabrication images of alleged conversations with Gatt, come from the pictures themselves. And that origin of those pictures are from a device that the LADA has yet to examine, or even posses as evidence. Carefully crafted to force the DA to make a better announcement than what they offered -- that they will announce that they are "not going to pursue the matter further". Which, frankly, is complete BS. That's a way of saying, "We didn't do anything wrong, and we're not *saying* he's innocent."

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