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#47 'Born on 4th of July's' Ron Kovic; PSYOPS's John Kirbow

🎙️ Hollywood, Vietnam, Propaganda, & PSYOPS

The valor and heroism of Ron Kovic during the Vietnam War, his subsequent advocacy for peace, and the personal journeys of individuals affected by war. He has completed his trilogy with the latest that includes his diary entries from the Vietnam war field: A Dangerous Country: An American Elegy. The conversation shifts to analyzing the psychological and societal impacts of propaganda, focusing on modern-day radicalization and domestic extremism. It dissects how beliefs and narratives can lead to violence, referencing examples like QAnon, and emphasizes the strategic manipulation of people through propaganda. Further, the script highlights the organized disinformation campaigns, particularly those driven by foreign actors. John Kirbow, a former PSYOP specialist, shares insights on combating domestic extremism and the use of military propaganda techniques within the population. The dialogue also covers broader cultural and political issues, including the importance of genuine patriotism, community support, and the dangers posed by extremist ideologies to veterans and the general public.

## _Untold Stories from the Vietnam War_

First, we delve into a vivid recounting of Ron Kovic's transformation. A young Marine in Vietnam, Kovic’s journey began when he found himself in a deadly confrontation in the demilitarized zone on January 20th, 1968.

He was severely injured, with gunshot wounds paralyzing him from the chest down. In the chaos of war, he learned about the price of courage and the sacrifice that is poured on the field of battle. Despite his injuries and the trials that followed, Kovic did not let his circumstances define his future.

His memoir, Born on the Fourth of July, translated his journey into a bestseller, later adapted into an Oscar-nominated film (Oliver Stone/Tom Cruise). Today, he is recognized as an advocate for veterans and a firm voice for peace.

Kovic's tale is a solid reminder of resilience, a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and the determination to rise above despair.

## _Resisting Extremism and Rebuilding Patriotism_

In the second part of the show, we delved into the insights of John Kirbow, a specialist in information warfare and former PSYOP operative. Drawing from his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kerbo shared insights on the systematic mechanisms of information warfare and propaganda luring individuals towards extremism.

His book, Combating Domestic Extremism, explores the intriguing world of military propaganda and how these techniques now radicalize our general population. Kerbo urges veterans to reclaim the mantle of patriotism from the grip of domestic fanaticism, encouraging them to counter radicalization by drawing from their comprehensive skills and experiences.

Kirbow’s unique perspective emphasizes the importance of understanding the framework of propaganda to preserve the mindset of the general population from falling prey to radicalized narratives.

## _Conclusion: An Ongoing Journey_

As we listened to Kovic's and Kirbow's narratives, it became evident that heroism goes beyond the hero’s journey on the battlefield. Sometimes, the real heroism unfolds on returning home, carrying on relentless advocacy, and wrestling with unseen battles for peace and unity.

It serves as a reminder - never to underestimate the power of resilience and hope - for every community, every veteran navigating their path. The beacon is clear: we must keep moving forward, resisting despair, and fostering unity, even in the face of immense adversities.

00:00 The Heroic Tale of Ron Kovic: A Journey of Valor and Sacrifice
01:38 From Battlefield to Bestseller: The Story Behind 'Born on the Fourth of July'
02:01 A Life Transformed: Ron Kovic's Awakening and Journey to Advocacy
02:35 In Conversation with Ron Kovic: Reflections on War and Life
06:51 The Power of Hope and Resilience: Ron Kovic's Message to the World
12:59 The Vietnam Trilogy: Ron Kovic's Legacy and Contribution to Peace
24:08 The Importance of Community and Asking for Help: Lessons from Ron Kovic
29:42 Commercial Break: Special Offers for Listeners
32:10 Introduction to the Guest and Topic
32:46 Understanding the Role of Psyops and Information Warfare
34:01 The Impact of Domestic Extremism
35:26 Interview with John Kerbo
40:40 Understanding the Process of Radicalization
49:38 The Power of Propaganda
53:22 The End Game of Propaganda
58:20 Closing Remarks and Recommendations
59:22 Advertisements and Promotions

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